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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009

There's no debate as to the direction the projector market is heading.  LED seems to be the focus of high and end low end companies alike.  With that in mind, SIM2 has released their first entry into the single chip Full HD LED DLP projector market.

The MICO 50 uses three Phlatlight LEDs from Luminus – one each of red, blue and green – to direct colored light directly into the projector's optics without the need for a traditional color wheel.  LEDs put out a pure color with only as much as a five percent variance over their lifetime, which ensures higher light engine efficiency and, according to SIM2, “perfect color matching.”

In addition to a low color variance, LEDs feature an impressively small amount of decay over their thirty thousand hour lifespan.  The lumen output of an LED decreases by five percent or less at the 2,000 hour mark.

SIM2 states that the lifespan of the MICO 50's Phlatlight LEDs is expanded thanks to their new liquid cooling system.  By running a liquid cooling option, rather than the standard fan cooling option, the MICO 50 is able to run with a greatly reduced operating noise level.

The use of LEDs, in combination with the Darkchip4 chipset from Texas Instruments, earns the MICO 50 a full on-full off contrast ratio of 100,000:1.  SIM2 says that their optical engine delivers 20% more light output than its rivals thanks to an efficient design.
The MICO 50 is available now with either a T1 short-throw or T2 long-throw lens for a suggested retail price of $19,995.

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