3DeeSlide Allows Glasses-Free 3D Content Viewing on the iPhone 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 19 November 2009

The recent industry focus on three dimensional video has left consumers asking a lot of questions from technical concerns about what televisions and devices will be able to view the content to the somewhat shallower question of “Do I really have to wear these stupid glasses?”  Spatial View, in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment Germany, has answered both of these concerns in a more positive way than you might expect.

Thanks to a simple accessory called 3DeeSlide, Spatial View says that we’ll be able to view 3D video on iPods and iPhones without the need for special glasses.  While most companies offering a 3D solution for the mobile market seem to focus on attachable headsets, Spatial View’s 3DeeSlide is a device that simply slides on to you iPod.  Once attached and properly aligned, 3DeeSlide allows viewers to watch 3D content without the need for glasses.

This technology is a bit limited when it comes to multiple viewers.  Spatial View says that the sweet spot is at around a foot to 16 inches away from the screen, and that a direct perpendicular viewing angle is the best way to ensure a proper 3D effect.  No word is available for the pricing on the 3DeeLens or whether it will be available individually. Spatial View says that the 3DeeLens will be available soon on Amazon, along with a Blu-ray called Forsenses which features a wide array of high definition 3D nature footage.

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