Warner Trades Old DVDs for New Blu-rays 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Warner is getting behind the Blu-ray format in a big way with their DVD2Blu initiative, which lets consumers trade in their old DVDs for discounted Blu-ray versions of the same titles.  With the format war long over, the standing argument from movie lovers to avoid Blu-ray adaptation is a nagging and seemingly unsolvable one.  “But I’ve already got all the movies I love on DVD,” they say.  “That means I’ll have to buy everything I own all over again.”

Warner Bros Home Video sees this concern and is offering a solution.  With their new DVD2Blu initiative in place, customers are able to trade in their old DVDs for brand new Blu-ray discs at discounted prices, as low as $7.95. If you want to trade in your old DVDs, simply visit DVD2Blu.com, add your upgrades to the cart, and mail them in to Warner.  New titles should arrive in 4-5 weeks, according to Warner.  Free shipping is available on orders over $25, and a one time 20% discount is available if you sign up for Warner’s newsletter.
Blu-ray bargain hunters will almost certainly want to hit up the 4 for $20 used DVD sales at Blockbuster or the almost certain DVD blowouts for Black Friday at Best Buy.  The case isn’t important, according to the rules set forth by Warner.  All that matters is that the disc is in good condition, and that it isn’t a pirated copy.  “DVD-R copies are not valid.” Titles run from $7.95 to $9.95, and the full – if a bit limited – list can be seen on Warner’s site.

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