Wisdom Audio Adds Multi-Zone Capabilities to SC-1 Controller 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 16 November 2009

Created for use either in the home or in a marine application, Wisdom Audio has added additional functionality to its already capable SC-1 controller.  New software will be available in January – in time for CES according to Wisdom Audio – free for new and existing installations alike.

President of Wisdom Audio Mark Glazier explained that the goal of the update is to add to the value of the SC-1, and to expand its flexibility, allowing users to control up to three separate zones.  "For instance, if a customer has a main 5.1-channel theater system and wants a secondary Sage system,” he states, “the SC-1 will allow them to utilize those unused channels elsewhere within the home or yacht."

This also makes the SC-1 system much more cost effective, which was a commonly heard request from customers, according to Glazier.  “Our customers asked for this increased flexibility, and so we delivered,” he says.  “The new SC-1 software allows for greater flexibility in expanding applications to multiple zones, thus, bringing Sage's award-winning performance to more zones without the need for additional system controllers.

Sage Series customers can also take advantage of individual configurations for each zone.  By taking into account different room conditions, seating arrangements and source material, the Sage series is able to deliver just the right experience.

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