Trends Audio Launches Tube Headphone/Pre Amp for iPhone 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Sunday, 15 November 2009

The iPhone and iPod line have proven themselves as an extremely popular portable audio option.  That much is clear.  iPods are small, they’re easy to use and they hold a decent sized chunk of music.  Using the iPhone as a primary music device in the home, on the other hand, just seems wrong.  But, according to Trends Audio Marketing Director David Ho, “iPhone-Fi is coming.”

He and Trends Audio are certainly banking on the idea that Apple’s portables will be making the transition into listening rooms with the release of their new tube preamp/headphone amplifier combo.  The PA-10 is a tube preamplifier made specifically for iPods and iPhones from the ground up. From the connector cable – which is said to isolate and eliminate the interference from the iPhone’s Line Out – to the 6DJ8/6922 series or 12AU7 series vacuum tube.

The folks at Trends Audio see this as a high end audio solution that retains all the portability of the MP3 player.   They call it a portable audio solution that’s “suitable for hi-fi room, living room, sleeping room or even right beside your laptop computer.” Trends Audio’s PA-10 sports a class A amplifier, and is compatible with newer generations of iPod, and all iPhones.  The PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier is available now at around $299 from Trends Audio and certified dealers.

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