Insider Says Motorola Will Sell Set-Top Business 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 12 November 2009

Motorola’s one of those companies that’s just so hard to get a grasp on.  Their set-top boxes are regularly unimpressive, but up until they released the Droid, so were their phones.  As one of the largest providers of set-tops in the US, this move has come as a surprise to industry analysts.

Motorola is essentially made of three different units.  They’ve got an enterprise mobility unit, a mobile unit, and the network mobility unit which handles home networking hardware and set-top boxes.  For the last several years, the mobile and enterprise units have been suffering.  Their enterprise unit is profitable, but consistently generating less revenue and the mobile unit has posted losses on a regular basis.

The network mobility unit on the other hand made enough in the way of profits to keep the company going. Things are starting to change for Motorola’s mobile unit though, with the release of several popular Android based smartphones and sources say that the company may be shopping around its home networking and set-top branch.  

Analysts have named a few potential buyers to the company which include Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson and Pace.  The potential to take over Motorola’s impressively far reaching set-top market share would be more than enough reason for any of these competitors to step in.

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