Mark Levinson Shows New Line of Daniel Hertz Audio Components 
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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

While Daniel Hertz may not ring any bells, the name of Mark Levinson is certainly familiar to audiophiles.  He’s the founder of Mark Levinson Audio Systems and the creator of a series of audio components still in demand today, and he’s back with a new line of products.

Levinson warns listeners that he is an innovator at heart, and doesn’t intend to copy anyone, even himself:  “Daniel Hertz takes a totally new tack with audio, combining the dynamics of the best outdoor concert sound--think massive amounts of air moving at lightning speed--with the vitality and transparency that record producers and musicians want to hear. Daniel Hertz products are designed to reproduce the softest, most delicate musical material up to the sound of a helicopter landing in front of you. “

Levinson says that his Daniel Hertz branded products may be his last, commenting that the new Telikos amplifier was given the name because it means ‘ultimate’ in ancient Greek.  “Daniel Hertz products will likely be my final statement in audio,” He says ”As a musician, recording engineer and audio designer, I have always searched for the most faithful way to recreate a musical event.”

Along with the aforementioned M5 Telikos amplifier – which sells at $6,000 – Levinson revealed the visually stunning M1 loudspeakers.  With a pricetag of $75,000 for a pair, M1 loudspeakers were created to combine dynamic linearity and punch with the sonic transparency of the best audio products on the market.
The M1 speakers, along with the soon to be launched M2, M7 speakers and M3 subwoofer, are made at the Petrof piano factory near Prague.  

A Daniel Hertz branded preamp, the M6 1 MegOhms Preamplifier will launch at an $8,000 price.  The Swiss-made M9 SSD PC Media Center will also debut shortly, with a range of different storage sizes available.

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