Casio Joins the OLED Race 
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Monday, 09 November 2009

Even though it’s been shown in essentially the same size and form for years, when it comes to planning for the future, OLED is the new hotness.  Companies are coming out of the woodwork to create – or say that they will be creating – OLED screens like crazy, and Casio is no exception.  In a joint venture with the Tokyo based Toppan Printing, Casio has announced that it will be begin producing OLED screens as soon as April of 2010. 

Casio states that OLED screens of ten inches and below will be the focus initially, with sizes ramping up as time goes on.  More commonly known as a maker of watches, calculators and musical instruments, Casio appears to be stepping up its game. 600 employees will start work on the new project around five months from now.  Manufacturing will be done with electroluminescent compounds, which Toppan says is more efficient and simpler than that of other OLED producing companies.

Both companies have confirmed that while 10” screens are the current state of their plans, they’re looking to make them bigger and better in the near future.

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