California Postpones Energy Standards Vote on Plasmas 
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Thursday, 05 November 2009

The much anticipated decision by the California Energy Commission has been delayed two weeks until November 18th. Consumers, retailers and manufacturers will all have to wait a full fortnight for the vote on a highly controversial proposal from the California Energy Commission.  This much maligned effort would put the kibosh on larger LCD and plasma displays. 

The CEC says that these sales restrictions would save California citizens $30.24 per TV per year in energy costs and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
If the proposal is accepted, the Consumer Electronics Association states that the measure would ban “80 percent of current 35-to-39-inch LCD TVs and 100 percent of current plasma TV models larger than 60 inches.”  The CEA also states that this could potentially cost money and jobs in California as many residents will either hike across state lines or order their TVs online.  

The CEC states that the delay is due to a huge amount of public response which included a great deal of submissions received on November 2nd.  This vote move will not reopen the public forum, but will give members more time to read over the information they’ve been given before making their decisions.

The first wave of bans would hit in January of 2011, though restrictions on televisions 58” and higher wouldn’t take effect until January of 2013.  Though the 2013 standards are fairly rigid, they are actually more lenient than the Energy Star standards proposed for that same year.  The difference, say manufacturers, is that Energy Star compliance is voluntary.

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