Internet Radio to Revitalize Home Audio Market 
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Thursday, 05 November 2009

It’s increasingly rare these days to find someone with a dedicated setup just for audio.  Home theater setups for movie watching are more and more common, but listening to music gets relegated to the iPod and a cheap pair of in-ear headphones. According to a study conducted by Futuresource Consulting – a firm specializing in the consumer electronics market – the saving grace of home audio may be internet radio.

David Wilkins, a senior analyst at Futuresource, says that internet and networked audio are just the start. Server-to-audio networking, combined with wireless multi-room audio systems, is just the beginning.  Several vendors are already developing networked solutions which allow remote control of your iPod and other handheld devices across a home network, effectively turning handheld devices into servers.”

There are plenty more devices that could have this sort of technology embedded into them, and Futuresource calls that the first step.  Watkins states that the allure of internet radio and networked media is in the immediacy.  “There's no need to boot up a PC; you simply hit a button and you're listening to your favorite music or talk show in an instant” he says.

Futuresource says that multi room and networked audio solutions still make up a niche market, and that by simplifying the use and integration of these products would be a huge help in getting them to mainstream consumers.  By 2013, they say, networked features on audio devices will be standard fare.

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