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Wednesday, 04 November 2009

Ever wanted a full 7.1 surround sound experience all built into one leather recliner?  No?  What if we told you it vibrated?  Still no, huh?  Well, BodySound has announced their new line of surround sound furniture anyway.  The BodySound refers to their furniture as Experiential seating, meaning that not only will users hear the audio, but they’ll feel it as well. 

In each piece of furniture, be it a recliner, love seat, couch or one of their custom configured setups, BodySound has included a full 7 speaker setup including a multi-processor and 650 watt amplifier.  The head speakers are 2” each and are powered by a 35 watt linear amplifier.  For the arm speakers, which flip up at the end of the armrests, are 3” oval drivers that are powered, like the rest of the chair’s speakers, by a 210 watt class D amp.  Mid frequency speakers appear to be situated in the back of the chair, and feature a 5.25” driver, while the bass, located in the seat, pushes out 250 watts of power through an 8” sub.

BodySound furniture is the result of twelve years of research, according to the press release, which includes the relaxation effects of vibration and sound.  Though created with a focus on movies and gaming, BodySound claims their recliner is the perfect chair for relaxation.

The BodySound chair is capable of wireless setup, and can be attached via analog or optical inputs.
Pricing ranges depending on the piece of furniture being purchased, from $5,995 for a recliner up to $22,180 for a row of four seats.  Custom construction is also available directly from BodySound.

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