Ultra-High Definition 8K Resolution Television Coming In 2017 
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Monday, 02 November 2009

So you’re finally set.  You’ve got a solid receiver that handles 7.1 channel audio and decodes all the high definition formats.  You’ve got a nice 1080p display.  Your surround speakers are set and tuned to the room, and you’re ready to experience the very peak of the consumer electronics line.  For a few years anyway. According to In-Stat, we could be kicking our current resolution for 4K or 8K in around eight years.

It’s always a bit conflicting to hear news about the next big thing, especially when we’re still working on getting the best out of the technology we have.  The news here comes from In-Stat, a market research firm that specializes in consumer electronics.  In-Stat’s recent report names movie theaters as the catalyst for the shift in resolutions.  “The rising popularity of high resolution digital cinema will expose consumers to high resolution content. Then, early UHDTVs will be made available to provide a digital cinema high resolution viewing experience in the home,” it states.

The market research firm expects broadcasters to make UHD signals available somewhere between 2017 and 2025, but doesn’t see home use picking up as quickly.  They state that a 5% adoption rate is expected in Europe by 2021 and a rate of over 25% in 2025. In addition to extremely high resolutions, Ultra High Definition will offer up to 22.2 channels of three dimensional audio.  Looks like it’s time to start stockpiling speakers.

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