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Monday, 02 November 2009

Increasing the amount of options available to consumers and custom installers, Triad has expanded their line by offering new DesignerSeries invisible loudspeakers.   Designed to be completely hidden behind walls and ceilings, Triad’s new speaker line is made for those rooms where traditional speakers just aren’t an option.

DesignerSeries invisible speakers require only 25.5 mm of depth for mounting, and are designed to fit between wall studs in typical home construction.  Unlike traditional speakers, the DesignerSeries invisible line uses transducers constructed of neodymium-iron-boron magnets attached to an aluminum core that serves as the vibrating element.  

“The sound generated by using this vibrating soundboard technique offers truly remarkable off-axis listening,” says Paul Scarpelli, director of sales and marketing for Triad.  “This allows for extremely flexible placement in distributed audio zones,” he adds.

In mono, there are three models available for different sized rooms.  The smaller size, which uses one transducer, has a maximum loudness of 95dB and a cost of $550.  Stepping up to two transducers, a peak of 99dB is possible for the price of $750.  Four transducers per panel kick the loudness up to a max 105dB at a price of $1,050.

Stereo options, like their monaural companions, provide a frequency response ranging from 100Hz to 20 KHz.  Offering the same maximum loudness as the mono speakers, the stereo speakers run $740 for a single transducer and $1,040 for double.  At this time, a quad transducer option is not available in stereo.

The speakers do require the use of a 120Hz high pass filter, and Triad is offering two: the shelf mounted HPF-2 and the rack mounted HPF-8.  The HPF-2 runs $100 and is designed to be used with a pair of speakers.  The HPF-8, which can handle up to four pairs of speakers, runs $730. Triad’s new speakers are available online from Triad or from authorized dealers and are shipping now.

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