LG’s Details OLED Roadmap – OLED Cheaper than LCD in 2016 
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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Benjamin Franklin once said that there were only two things that we could be certain of: death and taxes.  It’s something worth keeping in mind when companies start announcing their plans for the future. Won Kim, the VP of OLED sales and marketing over at LG laid out the company roadmap for the next few years, and it all seems pretty feasible. 

They plan to release twenty inch OLED televisions in 2010, thirty inch televisions the following year, and finally scale up to forty inch models in 2012.  Oh, and Kim says that OLED panels will be cheaper than LCD in only six years. According to Kim, the forty inch and larger OLED panels coming to market in 2012 will still be fairly expensive, but manufacturing costs will decrease until 2016 when “OLED panels will cost less than LCD panels.”

He states that current manufacturing methods will continue for the smaller panels, but for the big stuff they’ll have to work with new glass substrates and equipment that can handle working at high temperatures.  They’ll stick with fluorescent organic materials until 2011 when they switch up to phosphorescent materials and a printing method to lay it all down.  

Kim states that LG is aiming to make OLEDs at only 50% more cost than LCDs in 2012, and a 20%-30% lower cost in 2016.

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