Motorola Announces All-Digital Networked Set-top Box 
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Thursday, 29 October 2009

The increasing demand for networking capability from all consumer electronics has prompted Motorola to release the new DCX700 set-top box.  Currently available to cable operators, the DCX700 is an inexpensive set-top that provides plenty of room for expansion.

Motorola’s DCX700 is a low cost option for cable providers and offers a single 1GHz tuner that supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC services.  It includes, of course, and HDMI output and decodes Dolby Digital Plus.

The most exciting thing – potentially, anyway – about the DCX700 is that this otherwise unimpressive set-top can be configured with a MoCA home networking interface.  The exciting new networking protocol which sends signals at up to 175Mbps over coaxial lines already existing in the home allows the Motorola DCX700 to act as a client for other compatible devices in the home.  Whether streaming HD content from a centralized media server or a home PC, this is the kind of functionality we like to see in a set-top.

Motorola is showcasing the set-top at the Cable-Tec Expo now.  Expect cable companies to start offering it as an option later this year.

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