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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Roku’s new Netflix players add a few options to the market for those that don’t yet have a Netflix streaming device.  For those that don’t yet have a PS3, Xbox 360, HTPC, or one of the many HDTVs and Blu-ray players with the service integrated, Roku’s got your back.  The lesser addition to the lineup, in price and capability, is the Roku SD. 

As the name implies, this player is standard definition only.  The Roku SD is about as baseline as you can get for a Netflix player.   Connection to the service is gained via an Ethernet cord, and composite outputs provide the video and audio.

The Roku HD-XR adds a bit of functionality to the previously released Roku HD model.  Sporting component and HDMI outputs, the HD-XR is capable of streaming in high definition.  A USB port is included “for future use” according to Roku’s press release, but the big improvement is that the Roku HD-XR brings to the table is the inclusion of dual-band 802.11n WiFi.
A pair of new services may have been unintentionally leaked as well during an unveiling of a Roku channel for Revision3’s internet television channel.  In addition to already existing services such as Amazon and streaming services, menu selections for both Pandora and Flickr are seen to be available.  The Roku players are available now, with the Roku SD fetching $79 at retail and the Roku HD-XR going for $129.

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