ADB Announces First MoCA Certified Set-Top Box 
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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Streaming media through a home network is a fantastic way to watch videos and listen to music, unless you don’t have the network to support it.  With HD files becoming much more commonplace, the problem of bandwidth increases, and many home networks just can’t handle it. Using coax cables, rather than Ethernet or wireless solutions, ADB brags a potential 175Mbps throughput, more than enough to stream HD video.

To stream over coax to the box, you’ll need an adapter for your media source – unless it’s already MoCA (Media over Coax Alliance) compliant – which can be had for between one and two hundred dollars.  You’ll then be able to send a signal directly through your home’s existing coaxial cable which the ADB-6882CDMX will be able to pick up without the need for additional wires.

MoCA’s new 1.1 standard not only boasts the aforementioned 175Mbps speed, but an increased stability and reliability and support for a network of up to sixteen separate devices.

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