Uni-Pixel Boasts TMOS Displays One Up OLED 
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Monday, 26 October 2009

OLED hasn’t even reached the mass market, but the Texas based Uni-Pixel company boats that their TMOS displays, which they’re manufacturing the film for now, offer better performance than current CRT, LCD and even OLED displays.  The new TMOS (Time-Multiplexed Optical Shutter) technology works on the same principal as DLP technology.

Rather than using the comic strip like effect of blending colored dots like LCD displays do, TMOS displays take advantage of the human eye’s retinal persistence.  By sending small bursts of each color in rapid succession, the human eye “does the math” and adds the colors together.

Uni-Pixel says that the inherent advantage is that instead of using several layers and severely limiting the amount of light passing through to the viewer like LCDs do, they’ve simplified the structure.  TMOS simply uses a layer of glass and a layer of film to produce a stated 10x improvement in optical efficiency.

Refresh rates will be higher as well, up to 1,000 times higher according to Uni-Pixel.  The use of small mirrors to route light from a trio of side mounted LEDs – one red, one blue and one green – to an individual pixel will allow a much quicker signal to be sent.  Another added advantage is that since each pixel only needs one color, rather than three like in current technologies, displays will be able to be much denser; Uni-Pixel expects up to 300dpi.

Uni-Pixel CEO Reed Killion says that the production will be low to start with, with things ramping up significantly in 2010.

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