NuForce V3 Amplifier Line Rolling Out 
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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Developed from the ground up, the successor to the much lauded NuForce V2 amplifier boards is now available for purchase.  With a focus on music reproduction, the NuForce V3 sports an impressive set of benchmarks. The V3 circuit board marks the third generation of NuForce amplifier technology, and is now a core component in their flagship Ref 9V3SE amplifier as well as other products.

The company states that the V3 has a “clearer midrange, smoother highs, greater low-end weight and an overall sweeter presentation.” Interestingly, the V3 has a lower gain than the V2 by a factor of 5db.  The change from the 26db gain of the V2 to the 21db gain of the V3 means that users will have to kick their volume knobs up a bit, but NuForce believes that the difference in sound quality is worth the trade. 

The V3 has 35 watts more power at 4 ohm than the V2, while the V2 has 25 watts more at 8 ohm. The V3 has an impressive bandwidth, with a nearly flat (+/- 0.3 db variations) frequency response from 20 Hz up to 120 KHz.  Response peaks at around 150 KHz at -3db. Distortion is kept to a minimum with the V3, staying at less than a half of a percent THD from normal listening power of 10-50 watts all the way up to 100 watts.

Upgrades to the V3 from previous NuForce boards are available from the manufacturer at varying costs, and new products are available from certified dealers.

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