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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

HTPC owners have a reason to get excited about tomorrow's launch of Windows 7, Microsoft's new version of the Windows operating system.  While Windows 7 Media Center already had the Netflix Watch instant interface added to the package recently, the final version also ships with support for Adobe Flash to operate the vast amount of Internet television available to users.

Unfortunately, the amount of Internet TV content isn't up to par with a service like Hulu yet.  Users will be able to peruse through PBS and CBS shows after installing Windows 7. Microsoft is working on partnerships with other networks, ideally similar to the marketplace on the Xbox 360.  Another detractor to the Internet TV inclusion is the lack of HD content support.  HTPC owners will still have to find alternate methods to locating their favorite shows in high definition.

Other changes in Windows 7 Media Center include an increased number of video files types supported, including AAC, AVCHD, 3GP and a wider range of Divx / Xvid codecs.  Windows Media Center now includes a desktop gadget for keeping up with your recently recorded shows and direct playback access.  The mini-guide is also notably improved the amount of information provided for a particular media file.
The cover art from albums will roll over the screen during music playback and looks similar to the Kaleidescape GUI design.  Also, the turbo scroll for music artists / albums significantly speeds up searching for specific tracks.   Windows 7 will be available tomorrow for those interested in upgrading their HTPCs.  According to Amazon, the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade is priced at $119.99.

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