Sanyo Unveils 12,000 Lumen PLC-XF1000 
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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sure, one could complain that the 1024 x 768 resolution of the Sanyo PLC-XF1000 makes it a bit less than exciting, and of course, anything with a 4:3 aspect ratio can and should normally be met with golf claps.  What Sanyo’s PLC-XF1000 lacks in other departments though, it hopes to make up for by outdoing every other 100V projector on the market in brightness.

The two lamp XF1000 features, thanks to a pair of 330 watt bulbs, an unrivaled 1200 lumen brightness and a contrast ratio of 4,000:1. This makes the projector perfect for any setting with ambient light or even for outdoor advertising.

Sanyo, aware that the tradeoff for added brightness is decreased color production, uses a QuaDrive optical engine.  Adding an additional color control device on top of the typical 3LCD system, Sanyo is able to independently control yellow light, allowing for greater clarity and color accuracy.

Sanyo’s XF1000 offers a variety of solutions to the issue of constant care, such as the Active Maintenance Filter, which stretches the time needed before a filter replacement to 11,000 hours. Simple installation is also a key point of the PLC-XF1000.  Powered horizontal and vertical lens shifting as well as power zoom and focus options make projection adjustments possible without the need to manually touch the machine.

The PLC-XF1000 will launch in early December at an MSRP of $24,995.

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