Sony to Show 360 Degree Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display 
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Monday, 19 October 2009

While still in the prototype phase, Sony has unveiled a bit of information about a display that they’ll be showing at the upcoming Digital Content Expo in Japan.  The display, as of yet unnamed, stands about a foot high – though the screen looks to be 5”-6” high – and features a 96x128 pixel resolution.   It looks a bit like a space heater with a screen wrapped around it, but Sony says that the display will allow 360 degree viewing of the 3D image inside without the need for glasses.

While certainly home use would be an exciting application for this technology, the first application mentioned by Sony is in advertising.  Getting these in the wild would certainly put us one step closer to Back to the Future II/Jaws 19 advertising, but Sony does see possibilities in the home as well.

In televisions of course, 360 degree viewing would eliminate the worry of sitting in the sweet spot, and without the need for glasses there would be much less of a concern about going 3D.  Also mentioned by Sony reps is the possibility of giving photo frames and telephones this 360 3D treatment.  Sony makes sure to note that this is only a prototype and that they still intend to continue with ”further research and development. [We] will consider a variety of applications [for] development.”

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