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Monday, 19 October 2009

3D television is cool, there’s no room to debate it.  Practicality on the other hand is a strong source of contention; not so much the question of “do we want 3D cable?”, but “can we do 3D cable?”  Cable Television Laboratories (CableLabs) says that yes, we can. At the Cable-Tec Expo next week, Cable Labs will be displaying the first ever demonstration of full color HD stereoscopic 3D video signals sent over an actual cable channel on a currently existing cable system. 

The new delivery system will work with both polarized and active shutter glasses. Needless to say, televisions from Sony, Panasonic, Hyundai, and LG will all be on display, and representatives from various cable companies will certainly be hovering about.  Comcast CTO Troy Werner seems to be pretty excited, stating “We think 3D television delivered to the home may be a way for cable operators to differentiate themselves with consumers,” and adding that Comcast is “very interested in the technology on display in this pavilion as a component of that effort.”

Though CableLabs does say that the picture will be HD, there’s no word yet on exactly what kind of quality will be on display, and at what bit rate they expect signals to be sent at.  Obviously, a practical demonstration of 1080p would be a lot more impressive than 720p.

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