Pinnacle Adds a Trio of Black Rhino Subs 
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Standing around five feet high at the shoulder and maxing out at around twelve feet long, the Black Rhino, or Hook-lipped Rhinoceros, is a massive creature.  A full grown adult can weigh from 1,800 to 3,000 lbs, and has no natural predators.  It’s no wonder then that Pinnacle assigned the name Black Rhino to their subwoofer selection. 

Three new subs have been added to the Black Rhino lineup, each boasting 1” thick cabinets, 12 gauge wiring and twenty pound drive units.  These drivers feature 3” voice coils which Pinnacle says are instrumental in getting down to the 20Hz range.

Pinnacle’s Rhino Ten includes dual 10” woofers – one active and one passive – and sports a 1200 watt Class D amplifier capable of producing sound pressure levels up to 121 dB. The Rhino Twelve and Fifteen step things up with a 1600 watt Class D amp.  The Twelve uses a pair of 12” woofers and produces 125 dB while the Fifteen boasts 127 dB with its twin 15” woofers.

Pinnacle promises the height of bass quality with the new Black Rhino speakers.  Listed as ‘Coming Soon’, they run $1,395 for the Ten, $1,795 for the Twelve and $2,395 for the Fifteen.

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