Plasma Display Coalition Demands End to Misinformation 
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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

From early on in the HDTV format wars, plasma has gotten a bad rap that just won’t go away.  Early problems with burn in have resulted in wide spread misconceptions about the current state of plasma displays, and certainly resulted in a loss of sales for plasma television manufacturers.  Currently, a trend towards energy conservation in California has pegged plasma televisions as wasteful and the result may be a ban on sales of plasma televisions in the state.  The Plasma Display Coalition is looking to change that.

Jim Polumbo, president of the Plasma Display Coalition, spoke on this problem, and called out several issues that he saw with the California Energy Commission’s handling of television regulation.  “The Commission's FAQ document shows a chart that compares CRT, LCD, and Plasma technologies. However, they use three examples of products that have never been marketed in the United States,” he stated.

He also points out that “another comparison chart stacks a 42-inch LCD against a 42-inch Plasma model. Current ENERGY STAR 42-inch Plasma models, which make up the bulk of Plasma sales, range from 142-195 watts. Yet the Energy Commission's chart suggests that a more typical Plasma energy consumption figure is an inflated 271 watts -- a 40%+ discrepancy. It's not fair to California consumers or retailers to have decisions made based on outdated, inaccurate, and biased facts and figures.”

The California Energy Commission is holding a final meeting today to discuss regulatory plans for TV sets.  Despite much urging from the Plasma Display Coalition whose membership includes LG, Panasonic, and Pioneer, there has been no response from the CEC regarding the accuracy of its information.

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