Mitsubishi Shows 155 Inch Modular OLED 
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Monday, 12 October 2009

While it’s pretty impractical for use in anything but a commercial setting at the moment, we can’t help but marvel at the 155” of OLED screen that Mitsubishi had on display at CEATEC last week. Of course, OLEDs are still extremely expensive and manufacturing a true 155” screen would be as difficult as it would be costly. What Mitsubishi has done though, is created a large display made up of over 700 smaller 10cm by 10cm OLED panels.

When viewed from close up the screens are a matrix of blue, red and green flashing lights, but stepping back a bit causes all the pixels to merge into a spectacular image.  Mitsubishi touts the expandability of this style of display, stating that due to the modular nature of their screens it would be theoretically possible to cover an entire city.   The relative flexibility for creating displays on odd shaped and curved objects makes this of particular interest in advertising.

While OLED does have its limitations, such as a relatively short twenty thousand hour life and a still prohibitive cost, it may not be too long before we see these in the wild.

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