LG Announces New HTiB With iPod Dock 
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Friday, 09 October 2009

LG’s new home theater in a box might not be the first choice for home theater enthusiasts, but what it makes up for in features, it attempts to make up for in looks.  Alright, we admit that home theater systems are a bit easy to pick on, but LG sure wasn’t doing the HB954SP any favors when they decided on the elliptical L/C/R speakers this system sports. 

The system itself, on the other hand, seems pretty reasonable.  The LG HB954SP contains three front speakers, two surround speakers, and a subwoofer and the base unit Blu-ray player.  The Blu-ray player supports BD Live content and features two HDMI inputs.  Thanks to a built in Ethernet port, it’s also able to stream YouTube videos.  

LG’s new HTiB plays content, including upscaled DVDs, at 1080p.  An iPod/iPhone dock slides open to support the steaming of audio from either player, which can be controlled via the included remote.  

The LG HB954SP comes preloaded with six different audio profiles so you can best match the room the player is in.  LG’s press release mentions one additional option. “You can activate night mode to turn off the bass so you do not wake sleeping children.” LG’s HB954SP launches this November at an as of yet unannounced price.

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