Ultrasone Releases Flagship HFI-2400 Headphones 
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Wednesday, 07 October 2009

The HFI-2400 is the newly announced flagship set of headphones for Ultrasone’s HFI line.  It’s a slick looking set of open back phones made of mainly black and silver, and will retail for about $329 when it hits the shelves this month.  The HFI-2400 comes with a detachable 3 meter stereo cord with a gold plated stereo plug, as well as a carrying bag and demo CD.

Like all of their HFI headphones, the HFI-2400s utilize Ultasone’s S-Logic technology which promises “acutely precise sound”.  S-Logic also reduces sound pressure, taking a bit of stress off of the eardrum, by utilizing the whole of the outer ear into the hearing process.   Those looking to test drive the headphones can hit up one of Ultrasone’s new listening stations.  Coming soon to retailers, these listening stations will be equipped with CD quality MP3s, Presonus headphone amplifiers, and four different Ultrasone headphones.

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