Blu-ray Adoption Surpasses DVD – Won’t Match Long Term Numbers 
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Wednesday, 07 October 2009

According to the consulting firm Futuresource, Blu-ray player sales are ahead of where DVD player sales were at the same point in the lifecycle.   Blu-ray has existed for consumer purchase for around four years now, and despite initially slow sales and an unfortunate economic condition, the format is doing well.  Jim Bottoms, managing director of Futuresource, says that the lead Blu-ray have is impressive, but that it will never match the overall acceptance of DVD.

“We think that Blu-ray is going very well, considering the range of delivery platforms in this current environment compared to the early days of DVD,” says Bottoms, nothing that “online is stronger, there is VOD expansion, etc.”

Interestingly, game systems seem to make up a fair sized portion of these numbers.  When counting the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 in the mix, Blu-ray adoption is ahead.  When removing Sony’s game systems from the statistics, DVD takes the lead. Bottoms also says that Blu-ray adoption could easily speed up if software pricing were to decrease.  Lower prices, sell more units.

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