Krell Announces New Space Conscious S-Series Power Amps 
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Monday, 05 October 2009

A pair of S-Series power amps, the S-275 and S-150M, has been introduced by Krell.  These amps were designed with one goal in mind: to bring high end performance to users in a very small package.  Krell’s S-275 is, not surprisingly, a 275 watt stereo amplifier.  Via a switch on the back, the S-275 is able to be placed into mono mode where it boasts a 550 watt output.  With a half sized footprint, the S-275 is able to be placed side by side with another amplifier.

The S-150M on the other hand is strictly mono, and much smaller.  Only 3.4” wide, five S-150M amps are able to sit side by side in the space usually taken up by a single power amp.  Featuring an output of 150 watts into 8 ohms, or 300 watts into 4 ohms, Krell calls the S-150M “the ideal choice for high performance systems in space limited loca­tions.”

“With technology sourced from our flagship Evolution amplifiers but in a footprint and price that is significantly smaller,” says Bill McKiegan “the S-275 and S-150m amplifiers deliver Krell performance in installations where a lesser product would normally have been selected.”  McKiegan, the VP of sales and marketing for Krell, also stated that much of the technology found in these small framed amps was developed in the Krell Evolution series.

Both amps feature Differential Current Mode circuitry and high performance linear power supplies.  The gain stages use Krell Differential Current Mode, and very low negative feedback. Krell’s will retail the S-275 for $5,500 and the S-150M for $2,500.

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