Paradigm Introduces the Six Driver SUB 2 
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Monday, 05 October 2009

Nontraditional subwoofers seem to be increasingly popular with high end consumer electronics manufacturers and Paradigm is no exception.  Their new SUB 2 and SUB 1 subwoofers use a total of six drivers that, rather than simply pushing sound in one direction, cause sound to emanate from three different points.

Arranged in stacked pairs, the drivers are positioned, according to Paradigm, in a manner that causes the resultant force vectors to cancel one another out, making cabinet shaking a thing of the past.  As the press release states “Even a full glass of water placed atop the SUB 1 or SUB 2 will barely ripple.”

The top of the line SUB 2 offers six 10” drivers, an Ultra Class D power amplifier with Power Factor Correction and a peak output of 7,500 Watts.  The drivers each feature a three inch, ten layer voice coil, and an AVS diecast heat sink chassis.  Those looking to get in a bit cheaper may be more interested in Paradigms SUB 1, which replaces the 10” drivers with 8” drivers, and cuts the voice coil size in half to 1.5”.  Peak sound from the SUB 1 is 3,400 watts.

Paradigm’s new subwoofers ship later this month at a price of $7,499 for the SUB 2 and $3,400 for the SUB 1.

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