Sony Investing in Wireless Power 
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Monday, 05 October 2009

Last month we saw a great deal of announcements regarding upcoming wireless televisions.  Taking a signal from a base unit, these displays were able to display a huge variety of content without any wires connecting the source and the screen.  They weren’t completely wireless of course, but Sony hopes to change that.  Over the weekend, Sony announced a new technology which is currently dubbed the “Wireless Power Supply System”. 

The WPSS will surely have a more Sony appropriate moniker before it hits the market like Bravia Air Link or Sony Discrete Energy or S-Direct Power Sync.  For the moment though, the WPSS does exactly what it says it does. Capable of sending 60W over half a meter away, the Wireless Power Supply System is capable of fueling a 22” LCD screen.  With the addition of a relay, the range extends to 80cm or a little over two and a half feet.

The idea appears to be sound, and the prototype is working.  It’s all a bit impractical at the moment due to the extremely limited range, and Sony Japan’s press release on the subject referred to this as “only a basic experiment”.

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