Sharp Shows New LX Line in Japan 
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Thursday, 01 October 2009

The new LX line of displays from Sharp takes things down a peg from their older high end models.  While still featuring Sharp’s much lauded UV2A panels, the LED backlighting featured is all white LED, instead of the RGB LEDs of the XS1.  The 46”, 52” and 60” models feature the ARSS six speaker system as well as a Duo Bass subwoofer.


Placed towards the bottom of the set, the subwoofer is specifically designed to provide quality bass while avoiding the inevitable vibrations of the display. Energy consumption is also a focus of the LX line, and Sharp brags a nearly 35% reduction in power output over their GX series. Though the LEDs have changed, picture quality is still a strong focus for Sharp. 

They’ve integrated the AQUOS High-Quality Picture Master Engine processing chip which improves the look of fast moving images.  A new feature, the Preferred Image Sensor, takes a reading of the viewing environment and adjusts the image automatically to fit not only the brightness, but also the color of light in the room. Prices range from approximately $2,800 for the 40” model to just over $6,100 for the 60” model.  There’s no word yet on a US release.

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