Consumers Willing to Pay $200 Premium for 3D HDTV Says Analyst 
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Monday, 28 September 2009

At a recent Los Angeles conference on 3D technologies, In-Stat analyst Michelle Abrahams revealed statistics on just what consumers expected from 3D televisions in the future. According to her data, 43% of customers polled said that they would be willing to pay a premium of up to $200 for a 3D capable television; with only a quarter saying they wouldn’t pay any extra for 3D. 

While the willingness of consumers to pay a bit more was seen as good news, 3D TV pricing is still an unknown for most manufacturers.  If the premium is higher than the $200 that the majority of people seem willing to pay, the sticker shock could have adverse affects on sales. The 25% of people that said they wouldn’t pay any extra for 3D is also an interesting number, though without the reason why, it doesn’t mean much.  If this group of people simply don’t want to pay higher prices, that’s one thing, but the question of how many of them just plain don’t want 3D is left open.

The data also revealed that younger people responded more positively to 3D technology, and were overall more positive towards purchasing not only a 3D television, but a 3D capable Blu-ray player as well.  Older people polled were more down on 3D technology, which In-Stat believes is mainly due to a lack of education.

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