KEF Introduces HTB2SE-W Wireless Subwoofer 
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Monday, 28 September 2009

The wireless subwoofer is a theoretically wonderful idea.  It allows users to take an otherwise bulky and not so surreptitious piece of hardware and give it a bit of concealment.  Without having to worry about wires, subwoofer placement can be both optimal for sound output and discreet.  The HTB2SE-W features a 10 inch driver and a 250W Class-D amplifier. 

With a unique, if odd, saucer like shape, the HTB2SE-W certainly won’t win any awards for its looks.  Essentially a combination of KEF’s HTB2 subwoofer and Universal Wireless kit, the new sub hopes to prove that you should never judge a subwoofer by its cover.

The wireless transmission is said to deliver CD quality audio transmission and avoid interference.   Simplicity is core to the design, according to KEF President Alec Chanin. “With our new HTB2SE-W, the end-user can be up and running in minutes without wires running across their floor,” he states.  “Better yet, its unique design with vertical or horizontal placement options, it can be placed almost anywhere in the listening area.”

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