Atlantic Releases Seven Channel Sound Bar 
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Friday, 18 September 2009

The first of its kind, Atlantic has announced the release of a seven channel sound bar, the simply named FS-7.0. Like them or not, sound bars are here to stay, and they’ve got a pretty solid foothold in the market.   Steve Feinstein, the Technology Director of Marketing and Product Development at Atlantic agrees, stating “Single-enclosure surround sound systems have become an important part of the home theater marketplace.”

The FS-7.0 aims to be more than the standard issue replacement for a true speaker system though.  It features a trio of 1 inch tweeters, handling high frequencies for the front LCR channels, and dual 4x6inch woofers for low end, splitting the front LCR soundstage in half. Twin full range 3-1/4 inch drivers make up the surround channels.  Utilizing a triple voice coil design, each of these drivers is capable of producing audio for both side and rear channels, and is specially calibrated into a predetermined position to take full advantage of sound reflection.

The inspiration for the Atlantic sound bar is simple, says Feinstein.  “We've never been happy with the digital processing approach that has dominated the category. We went back to the speaker design drawing board, and fleshed out an all-speaker solution that retains every iota of the original sound information.” The FS-7.0 will be available this month at a suggested $800, and will ship alongside the 300 watt SB-800 subwoofer.  Designed especially for pairing with the sound bar, the SB-800 will retail at right around $300.

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