Runco Intros QuantumColor Q-750 Line of Lampless LED Projectors 
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Thursday, 10 September 2009

One of the most recognized names in luxury video products, Runco is changing things up a bit by releasing a pair of lampless, LED lit projectors.   The QuantumColor Q-750i and Q750d, the first of which will ship this November, feature Runco’s own InfiniLight illumination technology in order to produce what Runco CEO Gerry Perkel refers to as a “revolutionary solution.”

Offering a huge array of colors – including DCI, Adobe RGB, sRGB, REC 709 and REC 601 – Runco says their projectors are able to exactly reproduce any content.  Enabling enthusiasts to dial in their color even further, Runco offers the Personal Color Equalizer, which works similarly to an audio equalizer and allows six axis color adjustment.

The use of LEDs in a high performance projector is a relatively new idea, but the elimination of a traditional bulb comes with a great many benefits.  Among these is the lack of a need for a standby mode or warm up period.  The QuantumColor projectors also do away with a mechanical iris and color wheel, offering a more reliable solid state lighting solution.
The Q-750i, which features integrated video processing, will ship this November with an MSRP of $14,995 with the Q-750d – paired with a DHD controller/processor – following a month later at $17,995.

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