Special Apple Event September 9th Could Be New iPod Announcement 
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Wednesday, 02 September 2009

Apple has sent out invitations sporting the iPod synonymous dancing silhouette figure for what they refer to as a “special event” to members of the media.  Taking place in San Francisco on September 9th, this event will almost certainly relate to Apple’s iPod line of MP3 players.  Perhaps not coincidentally, September 9th is also the first day of the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta.

iPod sales have declined recently, which Apple says is likely due to cannibalization of sales from the iPhone.   After all, ignoring the cost of the contract, the iPhone is a better product for a similar or even cheaper price.  It’s clear that Apple needs to do something with the iPod, especially since it’s up against the cheaper, 720p outputting Zune HD which launches on the 15th.

Apple is expected to announce new models of iPods, according to industry analysts, and essentially refresh all of their offerings.  A lower price and new features could certainly take the wind out of the Zune’s sails.

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