Sony 3D TVs Will be Available in 2010  
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Wednesday, 02 September 2009

In hopes of being the first choice for consumers considering a 3D television, Sony will be pushing out 3D Bravia sets as early as next year. According to an article in Financial Times that spilled the beans on Sony CEO Howard Stringer’s IFA announcement, Sony also plans to separate itself from the competition through the use of a unique technological approach.

While many companies are opting for the same technology used in theaters, Sony’s 3D technology will use active shutter technology, which will require the use of electronic glasses in order to watch 3D content.  The advantage of using an active shutter system is that the picture will not suffer significantly due to viewing angles, as it will with the passive glasses used in theaters.

Also expected to be announced is the use of software updates to make current Sony technology such as laptop computers, Blu-ray players and even the PS3 compatible with the new technology.  No indication of price has yet been given, though more details are expected in the next few days.

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