H-PAS Bass Technology Means Speakers Could Be Shrinking 
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Tuesday, 01 September 2009

Loudspeaker manufacturers Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements have joined forces to develop market and license a new loudspeaker design.  Designed to deliver a large amount of deep bass with low distortion, the new Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System (H-PAS) could mean a decrease in the size of subwoofers in the future.  The new technology is said to allow targeted bass performance with a fifty percent reduction in loudspeaker size. 

Interestingly, this new tech is entirely passive and relies solely on a new configuration for existing technologies.  No special drivers, on board electronics or outboard equalization are used.  Peter Tribeman, president of Atlantic Technology sees applications for this new technology outside of the traditional home theater space.  “With higher performance from smaller cabinets, and hence the potential for lower manufacturing and shipping costs, we believe H-PAS has applications in almost every corner of the loudspeaker business, ranging from large floorstanding towers to desktop computer speakers.”

He goes on to talk about “This new system is the first ever to break the famous Iron Law of loudspeaker design, which states: 'deep bass extension, compact enclosure, or good efficiency … pick any two at the expense of the third'. For the very first time, due to Phil Clements' breakthrough design, we can have them all.”

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