Cabasse Releases New PHI Loudspeakers 
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Monday, 31 August 2009

Known as specialists in the audio field, Cabasse has announced a new designer loudspeaker for US markets known as PHI.  The floorstanding PHI speakers, which take inspiration from the Greek letter after which they are named, stand around 44” tall and stand on a 9.5” diameter base.  The bookshelf speakers measure 17.3” by 6.3” by 4.4” and can be used either horizontally or vertically. 

Both sets of speakers utilize the new proprietary Spatially Coherent System, or SCS, technology.  SCS technology allows for purer sound thanks to a single source of sound emission.  As Cabasse puts it, “Imagine three stones hitting the surface of a lake at three different points. The created waves will mix and propagate erratically. Now imagine three stones hitting the surface at the same point. The waves grow and spread harmoniously.”

Each speaker employs a three-way crossover filter to optimize performance and has a frequency range between 140Hz and 22,000Hz.  The PHI is able to handle up to 700W of power at peak, and 100W continuous. The PHI speakers are available now with floorstanding versions retailing at $1,860 a pair, and bookshelf models at $730 each.

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