ASUS Launches Absolute Pitch Motherboards 
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Friday, 28 August 2009

With audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts in mind, ASUS announced today the launch of their new Absolute Pitch motherboard, model number M4A785G HTPC.  Geared specifically towards those who are looking for excellent sound performance without having to purchase an add-on sound card, the ASUS Absolute Pitch motherboards feature a triad of technologies to enhance listening pleasure.

A partnership with DTS allowed ASUS to include DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC technology, designed to boost surround sound delivery, even for 2.1 speaker setups.  UltraPC enables features such as voice clarification, bass enhancement, and a powerful virtual surround soundstage expansion.

ENVY HD, a technology previously not available as part of an integrated motherboard solution, is now featured on the new ASUS boards.  Allowing 10 channels of audio output, ENVY HD also  gives users a great deal of sound control thanks to an intuitive user interface.

The Absolute Pitch motherboards also feature a high fidelity output thanks to a feature called BD192/24.  As the name implies, BD192/24 decodes Blu-ray discs with a sampling rate of 192kHz and 24-bit sound output.

ASUS’ M4A785G HTPC also comes with media center-centric software including Home Theater Gate, a software suite designed to help users easily access multimedia applications. Availability and pricing have not been mentioned, but we do know that the motherboard will support AMD processors, DDR2 RAM and up to 5 SATA devices.

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