Toshiba Producing More Standard Definition Hardware 
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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Toshiba has promised us a Blu-ray player, but it looks like they are still rolling out standard definition products.  Their latest release includes three models of a DVR/DVD player/recorder.  Each model is roughly the same, changing the storage capacity and DAC.

In the RD-X9 model 2there is a 2TB hard drive for video storage and a 12-bit/297MHz Video DAC.  The RD-S1004K is reduced to a 1TB drive for storage and 12-bit/148MHz Video DAC.  Lastly, the RD-S304K has only a 320GB storage capacity and the same DAC as the previous model.

All of these models will store video data and write the content to DVD-R discs.  There is also a hookup for an external USB drive for added storage capacity.  It is not likely that we will see these contraptions in the United States due to potential copyright infringements.  Currently they are slated to be sold in Japan only in September.  Keep your fingers crossed for their Blu-ray player.

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