Audioengine Releasing Affordable Passive Speakers 
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Friday, 07 August 2009

Audioengine, a little, but respected speaker manufacturer has announced that it will be releasing the P4 passive bookshelf speakers.  This is great news for enthusiasts.  Not only do these speaker have a wonderful look that is simple and yet elegant.  Even better yet, the speakers are extremely affordable, which is key for today's economy.  A pair of these puppies only costs $249.  So the question is, "how good do they sound?"

Well, specs don't tell you everything, but it is an indication that these bookshelf speakers could be a winner.  The frequency response dips to just below 60 Hz, so a subwoofer will probably be needed if you want to use these for deep bass listening.  The crossover point is a 2.8 kHz, nicely placed above the diffraction frequencies.  Each speaker is a 2-way and consists of a silk dome tweeter of ¾-inch size and a 4-inch Kevlar woofer.  The cabinet is made from ¾-inch MDF and comes in Satin Black, Hi-Gloss White and Solid Carbonized Bamboo (pictured here) finishes.  Each speaker weighs about 6 pounds and has dimensions of 9x5.5x6.5.  The speakers also have a ported front for deeper bass response.

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