HD-DVD Nightmare: Warner Delays and Reduces Titles 
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Tuesday, 21 March 2006

According to published reports, Warner Home Video has delayed and reduced the number of titles available for release on the HD-DVD format. The original launch date was March 28 and has now been moved back to April 18, 2006. The batch of titles will now only include three movies: Million Dollar Baby, The Last Samurai and Phantom of the Opera. More than a dozen other titles including Batman Begins and The Matrix are delayed despite CES announcements of their pending release.

No software is a very bad sign as HD-DVD and Blu-ray prepare for a mindlessly unnecessary format war. Even the most understanding early adopter customers are going to take a “wait-and-see” look at HD-DVD allowing Sony’s Blu-ray the ability to gain momentum for its May 2006 launch. Powered by the ironically delayed launch of Playstation 3 – Blu-ray is gaining more and more steam as the format war looms.

The support group for HD-DVD isn’t as powerful as that of Blu-ray. HD-DVD is backed by a few heavy weights like Toshiba, Microsoft, Intel, Warner, Sanyo and NEC. Blu-ray has a more robust group including Sony, Sony Pictures, Fox, Apple, Philips, Pioneer and others.

Could it be possible that HD-DVD is delayed because the powers that be realize that they might be better off being part of a single solution as opposed to confusing the marketplace with more than one HD disc format? Its hard to tell but talks of a deal months of ago never resulted in any progress. With Warner kicking HD-DVD where the sun don’t shine with their title release issue – you now see the best motivation for both sides to do a deal that results in one HD disc format. It is what consumers want and it is about time that everyone involved gets it through their thick skulls that consumers (not software or hardware companies) make or break formats.

Source: Yahoo.com

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