RIAA spokesman denies saying "DRM is dead" 
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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A possible misquote has caused some confusion and upheaval in the music industry.  TorrentFreak reported that the spokesperson for the RIAA, Jonathan Lamy, had said “DRM is dead” in reference to the Digital Rights Management that the RIAA had previously supported in an upcoming article for SCMagazine.

Now, TorrentFreak has publically retracted that claim, saying that Lamy had only said "There is virtually no DRM on music anymore, at least on download services, including iTunes."  This news is particularly poignant, as DRM has been losing popularity over the past few months and years.  Apple iTunes now sells all of their music DRM-free, and other downloadable music providers like Vodafone and 7Digital are following suit.

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