Sony Delays Playstation 3 to November 2006 
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Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Sony has just announced today that they are going to push back the release of their next-generation gaming machine, the highly anticipated PS3. Originally slated for a spring of 2006 release, the PS3 has been delayed to at least early November with Sony’s president of the gaming division Ken Kutaragi citing reasons such as the copy protection schematic not being finalized yet. He also said that the company was waiting for the standardization of the digital audio and video technologies that are going to be used with the PS3.

Financial analysists notied that althouth this news is negative, it was not expected. However, they do see this delay in getting the game system to the streets as a small boost for Microsoft who launched their high-definition gaming machine, the Xbox 360 at the end of 2005 and could not make them fast enough to keep up with demad. They speculate that many consumers who were waiting for the PS3 in the spring may now buck up now for the Microsoft game machine. Sony currently has a market share of 70 percent in the video game industry.

With a handful of Blu-ray titles slated to launch May 23, 2006, many consumers were hoping to be able to purchase a PS3 in the spring and watch these new movies on the gaming machine however they will need to purchase a Blu-ray player it they don’t want to wait until November 2006. The players are going to be backwards compatible to DVD discs however the fairly steep price of the PS3 (estimated to be $500) will not set well with customers who planned to make Blu-ray their high definition disc of choice and simply integrate the new Sony game system into their theaters.

HD-DVD is launching this month with little fan fair and only a handfull of titles but the delay in the Sony PS3 could give the HD-DVD format a boost as consumers decide if they want to adopt a high definition format now.

Source: Yahoo News

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