Study Claims Flat Panel TVs are Melting Polar Ice Caps 
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Thursday, 14 May 2009

The International Energy Agency based in Paris has released a report outlining the future energy consumption of consumer electronic devices, and it doesn’t look pretty.  By 2030, consumer electronics, which includes flat panel TVs, will consume 1,700 terawatt hours – which is what the US and Japan currently consumer in total home electricity.

The IEA points out that this will adversely affect our environment if left unchecked.  A lot of the problem rests with the consumer electronics industry, which, as the IEA claims, is a large consumer of energy with few regulations.  And the larger TV screens get, the more energy they consume.  It predicts that there will soon be 2 billion TVs in use around the world.  The IEA outlines steps that consumers can take to limit their energy consumption, by installing an energy monitor into their home system and being actively engaged in controlling their use of electronic devices.

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