DVD Still Dominant Over Blu-ray and Downloads 
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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The “Entertainment Trends in America” report update from NPD Group this March shows that 63% of consumer entertainment media spending is still going towards DVDs, beating Blu-Ray spending and downloads by a wide margin.

The report shows that 18% of spending is on Blu-Ray rentals and 7% on purchases, 9% is spent on video on demand services and 3% is spent on digital downloads.  This report did not look at free digital streaming sites, such as Hulu.com, which might have altered the results.  About 9% of consumers did report accessing paid streaming sites, compared to 5% last year.

Early adopters of digital downloads are also more likely to be DVD and Blu-ray purchasers.  80% of those using digital downloads also buy or rent DVDs and 25% buy or rent Blu-ray discs.  While discs are the most widely available option for consumers, the available methods of obtaining digital delivery are increasing rapidly.  Beyond delivery via cable boxes or satellite receivers, high definition content is also rolling out through streaming set-top boxes and game consoles. 

While DVD continues to reign in the majority of sales, it's falling behind rapidly in technical capabilities.  This week, Warner announced a social networking function being included in their upcoming Blu-ray Watchmen release.  Connecting over BD-Live, the disc will allow users to link up their Facebook friends list and choose a group of friends to simultaneously watch the movie while making comments.  The Watchmen release will also receive a same-day digital download launch on the day that physical copies are released.


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