Marantz Releases DAvED “Virtually Wireless” Multi-Zone Home Audio Networking Device 
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Monday, 13 February 2006

Marantz America has just announced the release of “DavED” (Digital Audio via Electrical Distribution). Originally introduced at CES under the prototype name “PLAC”, DAvED (pronounced “David”) is comprised of the Marantz ZR6001SP system, which includes the ZR6001 Audio/Video receiver, and the ZC4001 Client. When combined, these two components make it easier for consumers to set up a multiple room digital audio distribution system in their home by actually running all their favorite music to any room in the house via the existing AC power lines in their home.

Marantz’ new DAvED technology is a method of bi-directional signal communication by using AC power lines as a transmission channel, superimposing high frequency signals over the AC power line. Multi-room communication between audio components equipped with DAvED circuitry begins the moment they are plugged into any electrical outlet, offering simple plug-and-play audio networking. Marantz’ new ZR6001 receiver and the ZC4001 Client have been specially designed for transmitting audio streaming data, providing real-time streaming of full CD-quality (44.1kHz/16-bit) audio. Because the system works via existing AC power lines, there is no possibility of interference from other wireless systems such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or even a microwave oven.

The Marantz ZR6001 features 7 channels of discrete amplification, HD component video switching, component or S-video up conversion, 32-bit DSP processing and 192kHz/24-bit digital/audio converters for all channels. The compact Marantz ZC4001 Client is designed as an all-in-one solution for enjoying streamed CD-quality audio in any room in the home. The Marantz ZR6001SP system, including both the ZR6001 receiver and ZC4001 Client will be available in Spring 2006 at a total suggested retail price of $1,299.99. Additional ZC4001 units will be available at a suggested retail price of $329.99 each.

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